How does it work? Our Affiliate Plan is simple.*

  1. Create an account on LaBoxTV and signup as an affiliate*. 2. Sign up for your own subscription to LaBoxTV and get familiar with using it. showing LaBoxTV to your friends and family. 3. Start Making live demonstrations of LaBoxTV is the best way to get people interested. The product almost sells itself. Once you show them how much great video they can see with LaBoxTV, they’ll be hooked. 4. Sign them up under your affiliate link. You will receive a 25% commission every month for every subscription you sign up, for as long as the subscription is active. 5. Put your affiliate link or affiliate banners on your webpage, or send them to your friends by email.

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If you are already registered on LaBoxTV, please go to the link in the Member’s area to become an affiliate*.

For orders of 300 units or more, please Contact Us directly or email us

*Affiliate Program is subject to the LaBoxTV Affiliate Agreement. In the event of any inconsistency, the Affiliate Agreement shall take precedent.